Hello and welcome to Autoguard LTD

Autoguard Ltd was established to help car owners find a reliable and trustworthy mechanic to service their cars. Paul Bird, the founder of the company, spent five years working for motor vehicle companies before venturing out on his own. Today, Autoguard has three employees and has remained faithful to its initial values.

With the right tools and technical training, we are proud to state that we can offer our customers what other car maintenance companies can’t.

Our capacity to offer our clientele multiple services at an expert level, ranging from installing window tint on automobiles to fitting fresh leather interiors, separates us from the competition. We have acquired our car maintenance skills over an extended period; thus, our practices are evidence-based and have been proven to work. At Autoguard Ltd., we believe in offering good value for money; therefore, we always work toward exceeding our customers’ expectations.

For further clarification regarding the services we offer, use the navigation above, and consider having a look at our gallery so that you get a feel of what we offer.

Security film for vehicles Security film for properties Security film for vehicles Security film for properties

Window tinting for vehicles Window tinting for properties

Leather repair for vehicles Leather repair for properties

Trim repair for vehicles

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