About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

Autoguard Ltd was first established by Paul Bird in 2002, after spending 5 years in the field gaining experience, before finally deciding he wanted to go it alone and offer a service to customers unparalleled by rivals. Autoguard now employs three people, and has stayed a small, family run business from the start, always staying true to its initial ethos:

“We do what others won’t, so we can give you what others can’t”

The thing that distinguishes Autoguard from other similarly placed firms is their ability to offer multiple services, at an expert level, in house, ranging from window tint installation on your property, to a brand new leather interior for your Ferrari. All of these services have slowly been added over time, as Autoguard have become happy that they can deliver on these new services at a level exceeding that of others and at a price point affordable by all.

For more information on the services we provide, please use the navigation above, and stop by our gallery so that our work can do the talking for us!

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