Leather Repair and Upgrade

Leather is not the first thing most customers associate with an elite car workshop like Autoguard Ltd. Not until they have seen a sample of our work.

Working with leather is not simply a skill; it is an art, a talent honed by dedicated professionals through years of the pursuit of perfection through meticulous attention to detail. Such dedicated specialists are chosen by Autoguard Ltd to be its leather craftsmen.

To do their abilities justice, Autoguard Ltd selects only the finest leather and leather products for our craftsmen to use as their canvas.

Autoguard Ltd can completely redesign the material, shade and design of your vehicle’s upholstery and trim. Our workshop has the ability, rare in the industry, to dye leather in-house to the exact shade you desire. We aim to transform your driving experience from one of mundane uniformity to one of exciting patterns and designs that match your unique personality.

If you are attached to our current upholstery, Autoguard Ltd also specialises in the repair and deep cleaning of vehicle leather.

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