Security Film

What is it?

Security film works by forming a 'containment barrier' over the applied surface. This barrier is resistant to both blunt trauma (like a hammer strike) and sharps (like knife blades). It also effectively protects against the flying shards of glass and metal commonly produced in motor vehicle accidents and shock waves like those from bomb blasts.

All security film installed by Autoguard Ltd is supplied exclusively by companies whose reputation for quality matches ours.

This superior standard of security film ensures that the safety and security of you and your loved ones is never compromised when Autoguard Ltd is on the job.

Autoguard Ltd Smooth coats security film onto glass; this ensures that you never have to compromise optical clarity for security.

Consider having security film installed if you want to:

  1. Limit injury to your vehicle’s occupants in the event of an accident.
  2. Protect your vehicle’s occupants in the event of Road Rage attacks.
  3. Protect your belongings from smash-and-grab robberies
  4. Deter car thieves.


Road Traffic Accident

 Road Traffic Accidents happen every day, even to the most responsible drivers. In a split second, lives can be changed. In a side-impact collision:

  1. Unprotected side windows can easily shatter, projecting glass shards into the car.
  2. Glass shards can cause significant lacerations and eye injuries.
  3. The opening from the shattered window increases the likelihood of passengers being thrown from the car — the leading cause of death in traffic accidents.

Autoguard security film provides a strong, protective barrier between you and the glass in the event of an accident. The window may still break, but the glass fragments adhere to the film.

  1. Car occupants are shielded from dangerous flying glass shards.
  2. Passengers are protected from intruding accident debris
  3. Flying glass is contained and does not interfere with side airbag performance.

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Road Traffic Accident

Theft Protection

Theft Protection

In less than five seconds, a thief can shatter your car window and rob you of your valuables. This can be particularly dangerous if you are in the vehicle during the attack.

Security film is the best defense against a "smash and grab" attack.

  1. By holding broken glass in place, security film slows access to the vehicle interior.
  2. The increased time to break-in and additional noise call attention to the thief.
  3. If you are in the vehicle during an attack, you’ll have more time to escape.

Don’t be a victim! Protect your family, yourself, and your valuables.


One of my largest clients who demand security film on every single pane of glass, on all of the 100 trams in their service, is Metrolink Manchester, who I have worked closely with for over a decade to ensure the safe passage for all their customers. 

Security Film – How it’s Done

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